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Vishvasant Brahmrishi Guruvanand to visit Auckland    

Venkat Raman – 

One of the most popular spiritual leaders who spreads awareness of the self and peace and harmony will be in Auckland next month for a special discourse.

Vishvasant Brahmrishi Guruvanand, who has thousands of followers around the world, will conduct a special discourse at the Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple located at (12 Princes Street) Onehunga in Central Auckland on Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Nama Mantra

According to scores of disciples, reciting his name with the Mantra ‘Om Guruvanand Namah,’ provides ‘divine relaxation to the mind.’

“The name of this beautiful mantra itself gives the mission that Guruji wants to fulfil from his inspiring and influential presence, which is Awareness and Peace. I owe my major improvements, success, frame of mind, vision and level of thinking to Guruji,” an Auckland based devotee said.

Religious Guide

Following are comments of other followers:

“He is not a tantric but a religious guide.”

“He is your inner voice and the differentiator between right and wrong.

“I thank Guruji for coming into our lives and improving our blurred vision and showing us the right path for the rest of our lives.”

Impressive credentials

The 74-year-old spiritual leader has impressive credentials. He is an engineering graduate of the prestigious ‘Indian Institute of Technology’ (IIT) with an unbeaten record of highest percentage (99.7%) of marks.

His other educational qualifications include postgraduate (MA) degrees in Sanskrit, Vedas, Astrology, Hindi and Vyakaran, and a doctorate (PhD) in Astrology.

He is a Visiting Professor to a number of Universities and Colleges including the well-known Benares Hindu University.

Honours & Awards

Winner of seven gold medals at the ‘Parliament of World Religions’ and the ‘Personality of Knowledge’ and the title of ‘Jyotish Murmagya’ conferred by the German Astrological Society, his mission is to “reach out to as many people as possible to spread the message of awareness, self-realisation, humanity and peace.’

He is known for his intrinsic knowledge of Astrology (at least 27 kinds of the Science), the Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata (the two great Epics of India), the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Purim, Agama and many other Hindu and Jain Scriptures.

Spiritual Centre

The Ashram (Spiritual Centre) that Guruvanand has established amidst the pious environment of the world-renowned Tirupathi-Tirumala Hills in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh attracts hundreds of thousands of devotees, followers, admirers and students of Hinduism.

Activities at this Centre include Discourses, Yoga, Meditation, Hagans and other spiritual endeavours. The Ashram houses several Temples, Gaushalas (shelter for cows), and Dharmashalas (Rest Homes).

Development Plans

Among the development plans for the future include a specialist hospital for the less fortunate, a Naturopathy Centre, an Orphanage, an Elderly Home, Mahila Ashram (Centre for Women), a School, a Technical College and expansion of Gaushalas.

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