Like good friends, Trees shed love and pleasantness

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There are various kinds of creative heads and everyone thinks as per their own wisdom. Few are responsible towards existence and the balance between one’s being and Nature (or Purush & Prakriti).

When I am with Nature and taking pictures, I try to understand the deep relationship of every living organism with the ultimate called ‘Prakriti’ (Nature).

I have been taking pictures all around India and other places, and now in New Zealand.

In my recent encounter with Trees, I found a unique expression. They have a major source to communicate with vibrations and energy to the outer world through a vast medium of the sky.

Overwhelming Magic

It is truly magical and overwhelming to sit under a tree and watch the branches reaching out to the skies, as if a child is looking up to a grown up and telling a fascinating story. The branches are always moving, ever so restless like the energy of a child and the sky too seems to be listening with a wise stability and calmness.

It may sound weird, but now we know that trees have strong signals of communication between them. Science proved it early 20th century.

Whenever I am taking picture of trees, I feel their energy intensely.

Not only that, my understanding is that they provide permission of when to take picture. I would like to state an example. For the past few months, I have been planning to photograph Red Woods at Rotorua and even after four attempts, I could not shoot the space.

All the time I was fully equipped to take pictures but something just did not allow me to proceed with my profession.

My understanding to this episode is that energies are not favorable to take pictures.

Anyway, that is more of a philosophical approach.

I invite you to look at my collection of these wonder-filled living legends who are there as our lifeline to support us unconditionally.

Ashok Kochhar, as we have come to understand, has transcended the prowess of a photographer to that of a philosopher. He is a lover of Nature and Nature must be treating him as its great friend.

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