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Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors- Mukesh Arora WebAccountants perform the crucial role of assisting businesses to comply with tax and related financial reporting guidelines. They also advise clients to run their businesses profitability.

However, accountants who are also entrepreneurs, offer greater assistance to their clients, since they understand the challenges and problems of businesses better.

Qualified & Proficient

Among them is Mukesh Arora, Managing Director, Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited, Tally Accounting & Business Solutions’ with its office at 116B Cavendish Drive in Manukau City.

His qualifications are impressive and inspire confidence among his clients. He is a Chartered Accountant Australia & New Zealand, a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) UK, and Cost and Works Accountant (AICWA) India.

The firm serves a growing list of clients of diverse backgrounds and Mr Arora’s high proficiency in English, Hindi and Punjabi is a distinct advantage.

Name Change

The Company was earlier known as ‘Tally Accounting & Business Solutions Limited’ but the change in the name occurred to avoid confusion over its association with ‘Tally,’ a world renowned accounting software ‘Tally.’

As well as performing routine accounting functions such as Bookkeeping, PAYE and GST returns, Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors provides several specialist services including Payroll, KiwiSaver, Company Start-Up, Setting up Look Through Companies, Trusts, Business Valuation, Special Purpose Accounts, Cash Flow Projections, Financial Statement Analysis and many others.

Mukesh Arora can be contacted on Freephone 0800-825599 or 021-1290810



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Mukesh Arora

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