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One of the most enduring characteristics of New Zealanders is their spirit of independence and self-reliance. The Do-it-Yourself’ approach extends from mowing the lawn to home maintenance and repairs.

The ability to order one’s own life, set priorities and follow them at one’s own pace sets people apart. That is also the distinguishing factor in the life of Monique Mackay, our Model of the Fortnight.

“I may not have had the best start to life but I refuse to fail or be a statistic. I want to inspire and give people who may be in the same situation, hope and confidence. I do not want to depend on anyone for anything at any time. I want to be independent,” she asserted.

This Auckland-born, part Maori (“The rest of me is a mixture) considers herself a Kiwi, and was a single child until she was seven years old.

“I now have eight siblings and love to have a large family!” she exclaims.

Monique is a fashion model and a model of modern motherhood.

A single mother, she and her daughter are on 19- Monique in years and the little one in months.

Monique said she is family-oriented, looks after all the little ones in the family but admits that being a single mother is not always easy.

“But I prefer to do my own thing with a smile. The best way to live is to think positive and be happy,” she said.

Monique completed a modelling course in 2007 but did not think about it as a profession until a few months ago. Since then, she has done a few photo sessions, appeared in bikini competitions and is currently working on a project with a photographer, aiming to open an Art Exhibition next year.

Monique says her other ambition is to obtain a graduate degree in Accounting and pursue the profession.

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Anas Khan

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