Model of the Fortnight

Britain-born New Zealander amidst Indian culture 

Miss Indianz is a veritable platform to display sartorial resplendency and bring out the colours and cultures of India, says Ashika Raj, our Model of the Fortnight.

This British-born New Zealander has found the annual beauty pageant ‘extremely empowering,’ helping her to overcome fears and gain competence.

Cultural Ambassador

“Miss Indianz has enabled me to become an ambassador of Kiwi-Indian women who are proud of their culture and values. I wanted to be a part of something that gave me the confidence and help others to do the same,” she said.

Like many of her age and disposition, Ashika found conforming to Indian values and traditions in a Western country truly challenging.

“I think today’s young Kiwi-Indian women do well to fit into Western culture whilst staying true to their Indian values. Pageants like Miss Indianz send the message to embrace both cultures because you are not one or the other, you are both – and that’s the true beauty of Miss Indianz,” she said.

“Our Indian culture is beautiful and I feel proud of being a part of the Indian community. We come together to celebrate the uniqueness of Kiwi-Indian elegance. We showcase beautiful Indian talent in music and dance and undoubtedly the elegance and beauty of our women,” she added.

New Chapter

Following her win at Miss Indianz 2015, Ashika has found a world of opportunities unfolding before her- and the experience, as she recounted, has been rewarding.

She has become an entrepreneur, establishing her marketing company.

She has her blogsite ( to give vent to her views and sentiments.

Nothing however can beat her current status as a bride-to-be to a man of her dreams.

“The past year has been the most exciting, since I have been busy planning my fairytale wedding! I will be posting updates on my blog if you would like to follow me! I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves,” Ashika said.


-Venkat Raman

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