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In an age when many youngsters would prefer to tread the path of success cut out by their seniors, there are some, who believe in finding their own route to progress and prosperity.

Among the latter is Nikhil Sethi, our Model of the Fortnight.

This teenager, currently in Class 11 at Hamilton West School, could well be the model of the youth envisioned by Management Guru Peter Drucker (“The best way to predict the future is to create it”) or Mahatma Gandhi (“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”).

“I have dreams and goals for the future and I am determined to make it big. I do not expect anyone to do the hard miles for me,” he said.

Nikhil takes his scholastic career, his abilities as a young man on the grow and his duties and obligations to his family, peers and the community seriously.

Born in Delhi, he spent his formative years in the Indian capital before migrating to New Zealand with his family (comprising his parents and a younger sister).

Despite his young age, the lifestyle, culture and more importantly, the language of New Zealand posed formidable challenges.

“I was able to cope with change with the help of my teachers and fellow students at School. I do not struggle anymore to understand what people are saying- Kiwi English is no more strange to me,” he said.

Nikhil has the makings of a successful model but his immediate objective is to complete his education and become a software engineer.

His goal in life is, “Pursue excellence and success will follow hands down,” he says (although the version of Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ is somewhat different).

“My commitment to pursuing excellence in education is strong, although I also have a passion for acting and modeling,” he said.

Such passion has earned him a few roles on stage and in front of the camera, bringing him to Auckland regularly.

“I have enjoyed the journey so far and I hope to explore several new avenues along the way,” Nikhil said.

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Bhavnesh Soni

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