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Editor’s Pick of the Year

Since we began this column in our March 1, 2009 issue, Indian Newslink readers have had opportunities to behold and appreciate the charm and poise of the younger members of the community and more importantly, understand their ambitions and attitudes in life.

All of them were keen to bring pride and dignity to their family.

The choice of the following in this special year-end feature is justified by their quotes, beliefs and actions.

Amreeta Goundar (February 1): “As a registered doctor, I look forward to promoting health and wellbeing of the wider communities.”

Shristy Gupta (March 1) believes that every living being is precious and hence must be treated with compassion.

Sudeshni Dass (March 15) believes that maturity comes with age and the latter is no bar for achieving one’s goal in life.

Shereena Sumeran (April 15) is the first Architecture professional to be featured as a Model of the Fortnight. She obtained her Masters in Architecture with Honours about four years ago and her thesis on ‘Biculturalism: Maori culture in New Zealand Architecture: A cultural spiritual centre for the Rotorua lakefront’ made a breakthrough in research into the investigation of biculturalism in New Zealand architecture with a feature in ‘Architecture New Zealand.’

Shaayal Gounden (June 1) said that every person arriving in New Zealand must be greeted with warmth. “We are a nation with strength to overcome and unite in times of difficulty,” she said.

Zakereen Jahan (August 1) started working at the tender age of 15 to support her family. She said that her father has been a source of great inspiration in her life.

Paige Thiyagarajah (September 1) is the reigning Miss Heritage NZ (2014), a title that she earned as a participant in the Miss World NZ held earlier in the year. She helped to collect $25,000 for Loren, a little girl who needed extensive surgery on her face.

Ronita Lal (November 15) believes that life brings many challenges and all one can do is to try their best to face them and move on.

Pictures by Bhikhu Bhula (Phone 021-0616030).

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