Muslims establish funeral fund

The Muslim community has established New Zealand’s first national Janaza Waqf fund to help families with the cost of burying their loved ones.

Many families struggle to meet high funeral costs, adding to their difficulties of coping with grief.

Muslims are naturally reluctant to take out funeral insurance and other such plans and until now there was little alternative for families without savings.

For about three years, Auckland-based ‘Working Together Group’ has been assisting with burials through its free janaza service.

This has provided for ghusl, transportation of the mayt, arranging janaza solat and everything else apart from the cost of the plot itself. The service has been called upon to help at an average of about one funeral per month.

The Janaza Waqf fund is a natural extension of the janaza service.

Scores of families have already signed up for it.

WTG has strong links with groups in other cities to arrange burials outside Auckland, and hence, the service is truly national.

The contributions are $30 a month per family, or $330 a year.

WTG recommends paying by direct debit but alternative methods of payment can be arranged for families without a bank account.

For further details, write to Ashraf Khan (, Mazin Al Salim (, David Blocksidge ( or Ismail Waja (

Source: Rocket Science, Newsletter of Mt Albert Islamic Centre, Auckland

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