New app offers fixed taxi fares

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The perennial dispute between taxi drivers and customers on ‘over-charged fares’ and complaints of ‘using circuitous routes’ may find a solution with a new application just launched in Auckland.

People needing to hire taxis anywhere in New Zealand can now do so after fixing their fare thanks to the mobile app that offers options and flexibility.

Irresistible fares

New app offers fixed- Screen ShotAuckland based Cabchooze unveiled on February 14, 2015 its new high-speed taxi app that claims to provide customers a safe journey at “irresistibly low fixed fares for journeys beyond 10 kms.” Project Director B K Sharma said.

According to him, Cabchooze enables customers to order a taxi with their smart phone.

Customers just enter their pick-up and drop-off locations and then send a request to nearby taxis.

The drivers then bid for the job.

“It is about giving consumers the best possible deal for a taxi ride based on price, estimated time of arrival and the driver’s rating,” Mr Sharma said.

Since passengers and drivers agree on a fare in advance, there is no scope for arguments later and drivers cannot charge more on any pretext.

Assured safety

Mr Sharma said that unlike other Uber-type ride-sharing apps that compromise consumer safety by using assorted drivers, Cabchooze only uses licenced drivers.

“Customers are assured that they will get safe, professional service as well as a great deal. Cabchooze users also have the benefit of round-the-clock customer service and fixed-fare bookings,” he said.


Key benefits

He said that the benefits of his company’s applications are (a) Fares are fixed and Cabchooze’s algorithm is free from the much-reviled surge pricing (b) All taxis are supplied by licensed taxi companies, assuring passenger safety and professional service (c) Customers can ‘spin to win’ for taxi dollars, which can be redeemed on taxi fares or with partner businesses.

Mr Sharma said that his company’s app does not ‘force taxi drivers to work for less.’

“This is an IT platform that creates a virtual shop front to connect consumers with the closest taxi drivers in real-time. It increases the taxi drivers’ daily earning capacity, which enables them to earn more in less time,” he said.

Better workflow

According to him, Cabchooze will keep the work flowing for drivers, irrespective of any change in the demand and supply pattern. During peak times, when the nearest drivers are busy, the customer request automatically logs on to next closest drivers.

Mr Sharma said that the new app followed the launch of a beta version two years ago (Indian Newslink, July 15, 2013), a limited release, which “allowed us to ensure that the infrastructure was in place before tackling the market full on. We learnt a lot and we are now ready to go,” he said.

Further information can be obtained on 0800-0073000;

Website:; Cabchooze/Facebook

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