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Venkat Raman

When Lincoln Ting, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Auckland leaves New Zealand next month, he would leave behind a large circle of friends and colleagues who would feel his absence.

But the soft-spoken, high achiever would take up new challenges at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office based in Bangkok, heading at least two major divisions.

Mr Ting completed a three-year tour of duty in Auckland during which he actively pursued programmes and activities that lifted the profile of his country among officials of the Government, New Zealand businesses and the extended Indian community.

As his departure was announced, tributes to his quality of leadership and friendship came from a cross-section of New Zealanders.

Len Brown

Auckland Mayor Len Brown was known for his hard work and friendly nature.

“I thank Mr Ting especially for his contribution to the success of the first Auckland Council Trade Mission to Taiwan in 2012 and the Taichung City Da Dun Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition, which many Aucklanders enjoyed. I wish him all the best,” he said.

Peter Goodfellow

National Party President Peter Goodfellow said that Mr Ting was deeply committed and proactive during his time as Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

“He worked tirelessly to strengthen and advance the important cultural and trade linkages between Taiwan and New Zealand. I wish him all the best as he moves to take up his post in Bangkok,” he said.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National Party Member of Parliament Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi described Mr Ting as “a thorough professional who worked diligently towards improving trade, economic and social ties between New Zealand and Taiwan.”

“He played a critical role in ensuring that the Economic Cooperation Agreement between the two countries is signed. I am sure that he will continue to be a great asset to his country and a lifelong friend of New Zealand,” Mr Bakshi said.

Bruce Howat

“I have known Lincoln Ting for over two years in my role with Worldskills New Zealand.  One of the best ways to honour your own country is to be proud of it; building credible relationships and respecting other countries and cultures. Lincoln is extremely proud of the Republic of China, Taiwan.  Lincoln has presented at a number of formal Worldskills events which were well received,” Bruce Howat, Chief Executive, Worldskills New Zealand said.

Richard Blundell

St John Northern Region Chairman Richard Blundell said Lincoln understood that St John is a charity, relying on the generosity of the community to provide our ambulances, their equipment, and their ambulance stations.

“He helped us spread this message by inviting us to speak at many Taiwanese events that he hosted. It was a message that resulted in his community donating several additional ambulances. We will miss his contribution and look forward to working with his successor,” he said.

Indian Friends

In a message to Indian Newslink readers, Mr Ting said that one his main duties in New Zealand was to make as many friends as possible for his country, the Republic of China (Taiwan).

I am glad that my Office and I built up and greatly deepened our relationship and friendship with New Zealand’s Indian community through the special screening of ‘Life of PI,’ a dynamic Taiwanese film on April 13, 2013. The strengthened relationship has increased this Office’s interaction with Indians in New Zealand. I was honoured to be invited to the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture and the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards for two consecutive years,” he said.

Reinforced relations

Mr Ting said that he was proud of his efforts to reinforce the relationship of his Office in political circles, local governments, NGOs, media and academics.

“This has resulted in increasing Taiwanese community’s interactions and cooperation with New Zealand’s mainstream society, Japanese community, Indian community and others. An evidence of this is the donation of three ambulances to St John New Zealand over the past three years,” Mr Ting said.

He and his wife Amy will leave Auckland for Taipei on January 9, 2015 and thereafter to Bangkok for a three-year term.

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