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A new search tool on the Study in New Zealand (SiNZ) website makes it easier for students to learn the courses and programmes offered by New Zealand institutions.

Stated to be one of the biggest developments of the website, the tools have been incorporated into the website managed by Education New Zealand (ENZ).

Following a feedback from New Zealand institutions, ENZ sought to offer better tools to institutions to tell their story on the site, with better search capabilities to help students find study options faster and more intuitively.

ENZ International Digital Programme Manager Lucia Alarcon said that more than one million potential students visited SiNZ in 2017, with the website referring nearly 200,000 of them to New Zealand institutions.

By giving students a faster, more intuitive way to find study options, the innovative new search tool makes it easier for institutions to recruit high-quality international students, she said.

“As well as providing better search listings for students, the new functionality offers institutions more advanced ways of telling their story such as improved photo galleries and separate profiles for their departments,” Ms Alarcon said.

“We now offer a powerful and comprehensive search tool to help students find the course or institutions they’re looking for, as well as offering industry more advanced features to promote their education institutions,” she added.

The key new features of the new tools include (a) A one-stop-shop profile for institutions to showcase their proposition, courses, scholarships and other key information (b) More visual content, with a better display of features and photos (c) Showcasing each campus separately, with words and photos (d) Separate profiles for each institution department (e) More contact details for each campus and department and (f) Better search listings – listed alphabetically with filters to refine searches.

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