New Zealand comedy premiers in Auckland

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New Zealand’s award-winning comedy, ‘This Giant Papier Mache Boulder’ will premiere at the Crystal Palace (537, Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden) in Auckland at 6 pm on July 2, 2016.

The show is for cast, crew and supporters of the film.

The film will be screened on Sunday, July 3, 2016 at Victoria Theatre (The Vic), located at 48 Victoria Road, Davenport, North Shore (doors open at 430 pm).

Festival Awards

Reviews said that the impressively titled independent Kiwi feature film recently received Awards for Best Comedy at the Science Fiction Film Festivals held in London and Boston.

The reception was unbelievable. Some sci-fi fans actually came back for a second show. From humble beginnings, including a very original method for funding the film, Boulder (for short!) will be received with warmth.

Producer-Director Christian Nicolson claimed that ‘Boulder’ is the most epic low budget movie ever made in New Zealand.

“It has broken all the rules in low budget film making with lavish sets, exotic locations, masses of extras, actors, props, costumes and a massive story to go with it. It is a comedy that has made waves overseas and now is coming home to let the people who helped make it finally get a look too,” he said.

The story line

What happened to the good old days of sci-fi, when spaceships were real models, monsters made of latex and laser guns a curling iron painted silver? Now imagine a universe where everything was just like this for real.

For three ordinary men, Tom, Jeffrey and Gavin, this just became a reality.

One minute they were watching an old B-Grade movie, the next, they have been thrust inside the movie itself and at the helm of a rickety old spaceship.

Panic ridden they stumble into a space battle and make a mortal enemy of the evil Lord Froth while unwittingly saving the space princess Lady Emmanor.

Then suddenly, Jeffrey starts to change into a sci-fi character called Kasimir.

They must adapt quickly if they are to survive long enough to find a way home. For all they know they could be next. If that happens they will be lost in this world forever.

They embark on a quest to find a cure for Jeffrey and a way back home. This is an action-packed comedy adventure of giant lizards, space battles, robots, aliens, warlords and amazons that has to be seen to be believed.

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Fixated duo

Nicolson and co-writer Andrew Beszant grew up fixated with sci-fi, soaking up the action and atmosphere of outer space in classics like Blake’s 7, Lost in Space, Dr Who and Star Trek.

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