Nonagenarian to tighten the Indian connection

While the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) marks its 90th anniversary, Hamilton, the city in which it is located, will observe its sesquicentennial (completion of 150 years).

With about 20,000 students from 52 countries, and 840 staff, Wintec is a major educational institution contributing significantly to the national and regional economy.

Wintec has three campuses in Hamilton, including the Gallagher Hub, Rotokauri (Formerly Avalon) and the Hamilton Gardens. Three more campuses are located in the greater Waikato region.

Wintec offers Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate courses in engineering, trades, science, technology, agriculture, sport, health and social services, education, business and manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, events, English language, Media and Creative industries.

Ready employment

The Institution works closely with employers, industry and community organisations and other stakeholders to develop programmes that reflect real-world standards and produce work-ready graduates

Wintec has undergone changes to reflect the market needs; such changes have also influenced its name- from The Hamilton Technical College in 1924 and the Waikato Polytechnic to Wintec in 2003.

Its international connections have grown substantially over the years, with widening interest in export education.

Growing in India

Wintec is keen to tap into the huge potential that India offers with its very large student population. Its interest was underscored last year with the visit of a delegation of 11 Government and Private Sector officials from India to the Institute to discuss possible training partnerships in a number of areas, especially agriculture and engineering.

According to informed sources, Wintec will deliver education programmes in India as it does in China.

This programme augurs well with the vision of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to train more than 500 million people in his country over the next ten years.

Wintec will expand its reach in India, examining collaboration agreements with technical institutes and other relevant education and training providers.

Balaji Chandramohan is our Correspondent based in New Delhi.

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