Orientation seminar for career boost

If you are on the threshold of a career or a new migrant, you may benefit from a seminar scheduled to be held this weekend.

The Profession Wing of the Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) is organising the event on Sunday, October 19 at 215 pm at Lynfield Room, Fickling Convention Centre (546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings) in Auckland.

Association President Athar Awan said that it would be a career-based brainstorming seminar for new professionals, families and students.

“Those attending the Seminar would be able to enter the workforce with a clear understanding of what they want to do; where to look for job opportunities and how they can contribute to an organisation and the New Zealand society,” he said.

“Guest Speakers would share valuable knowledge to ensure how to present your skills in the local market. A Question & Answer Session will follow the presentations,” he added.

For further details, please email athar_awan@hotmail.com

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