Passion with commitment clears the path to success

Model of the Fortnight

It is common (almost important) for the young mind to reach for the stars, aspire to do better in every endeavour and become someone who is talked about day after day.

Ambition motivates people to act and triggers them to venture into new areas of activities and anchor upon success.

Nothing wrong with any of these, for the youngsters today need to ignite their thoughts and kick into action.

Important attributes

“Every person should be passionate about something (or someone) in life; otherwise, you would be the most boring person in the world,” says Sonia Singh, our Model of the Fortnight.

While she has what it takes to be a model, there are several other attributes to this young woman, who will someday go places and have the last laugh.

The world of fashion and Tinsel Town are among them.

Born and raised in Ludhiana, Sonia is proud of her Punjabi and Indian roots.

Following her graduation, she belongs to the hospitality industry and hence has a natural flair for reaching out to people and understanding them.

Showbusiness beckons

“I am passionate about dance and modelling. I believe that those with a positive attitude about their life and themselves can achieve anything they want. I have always pursued my goals with confidence, commitment and concentration. Nothing comes without effort,” she said.

Sonia said that she has been participating in events such as Miss Indianz and gained experience in modelling.

“Now I have the privilege to participate in Miss Indianz 2017.

Sonia said that her desire is to be a successful businesswoman with a flourishing career in modelling and acting.

“I am a fun-loving person. I like to spend time with friends and in the gym,” she said.

-Venkat Raman

Pictures of Sonia Singh by Virgilio Santos

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