Patton veteran retires in Christchurch

Patton Limited bid farewell to its oldest employee at a ceremony held at its Christchurch office on December 14, 2012.

Brian Yates decided to call it a day after 52 years of continuous service to the Company, which he had witnessed grow from strength to strength.

The event was almost two years to date when Brian was honoured for completing 50 years of service with Patton (Indian Newslink, January 15, 2010).

It was truly Brian’s day, with the veteran displaying his barbecue skills, complete with a Patton cap and an apron, gifted by his colleagues.

If he was a treat at work, so was he at his farewell luncheon.

Inspiring man

Patton’s Global Chief Executive Sameer Handa said that Brian was a constant source of inspiration and motivation not only to his colleagues in Christchurch but also to others in the Company’s various manufacturing plants and offices.

“Joining the Company as a teenager, Brian has grown with the Company. His dedication is worthy of note and we wish him good health and happiness,” he said, speaking at the farewell function.

As reported earlier, Brian launched his career on December 12, 1960 and worked in the Manufacturing Department involved in sheet metal projects. Refrigeration held promising prospects, encouraging him to seek apprenticeship in the industry.

He spent the following years in installing and servicing the refrigeration plant manufactured by Patton and worked on new products and processes.

Varying roles

Mr Handa said, “Those were exciting years of manufacture, development and marketing of new products. Several parts were made from scratch. Brian’s refrigeration experience and knowledge became versatile during this period.

Following their purchase, Wayne Berry and Harvey Turner changed the Company’s focus to wholesale. Brian took on the role of Customer Service and shared his knowledge and experience with a large number of Refrigeration Engineers working throughout the South Island.”

Patton has witnessed several changes in its 89-year-old history, including the takeover by two partners (Wayne Berry and Harvey Turner) in 1974, shifting headquarters from Christchurch to Auckland, further changes in ownership (1996 and 2001) and expansion overseas.

The Company today has offices and manufacturing units in Australia and Thailand and offices in India and the Middle East.

Patton has been the sponsor of the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards since 2010.

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