Police stop roadside window washers

Counties Manukau Police are keen to put an end to roadside car window washers, following increasing complaints of ‘harassment’ from drivers.

Those driving through the streets of South Auckland would have seen many such washers at road junctions and near traffic signals. According to the complainants, the cleaners begin to wash the windscreens without seeking permission, expecting payment for their services.

It is common for drivers to pay at least $2 for this unsolicited service.

Counties Manukau Police Prevention Manager Inspector Richard Middleton said that such practices must end and that drivers should not encourage the self-appointed car washers with any kind of payment.

“We are asking the public to withhold from paying window washers at South Auckland intersections. Counties Manukau Police has received more than 20 calls complaining about the window washers in as many days in October, with another 34 complaints received in September. We want to solve this problem as soon as possible,” he said.

Major hazard

Inspector Middleton said that the window washers were a hazard from the police perspective and hence sought the help of motorists.

“The window washers are a hazard at intersections and the activity should not be encouraged with payment. We expect that without payment, the window washers will be deterred and will stop bothering motorists and putting themselves in the line of danger by standing in traffic at busy intersections,” he said.

He advised all drivers to deter window washers by keeping the windows up and doors locked and make it clear that they do not wish to have their window washed.

“If your window is washed without your consent, do not pay the washer. The Police are regularly patrolling prominent intersections such as Cavendish and Great South Roads in an effort to move window washers along,” Inspector Middleton said.

He advised motorists to call the Police if any window washer acted aggressively or was behaving in a dangerous manner amidst moving traffic.


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