Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centres

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centres take pride in environmentally sustainable practices by embedding them into operations and involve the Kaiako, tamariki and families/whanau.

Our children are supported to become environmentally responsible.

Our Centres have participated in the Waste Minimisation Programme of the Auckland Council through their ‘Green Kids’ initiative. The idea is to promote children’s awareness of the environment through daily practices, resources and interactions rather than as a ‘token’ incorporation.

Sustainable Practices

We believe that sustainability should not be seen as a hurdle or burden.

Sustainable practices can easily be a part of the daily routine.

Our sustainable practices are embedded in the curriculum through Recycling, Gardening, Energy conservation, Water Conservation and Sustainable Equipment.

The ethos behind adopting a ‘sustainable ethic’ is because early childhood is a period when the foundations of thinking, being, knowing and acting are becoming ‘hard wired,’ and relationships – with others and with the environment – are becoming established. It is also a time for providing significant groundings for adult activism around environmental issues.

We believe that if children are to grow up in a world that maximises their life opportunities, that recognizes their capacities as active citizens, and nurtures hope, peace, equity and sustainability, adults cannot do ‘business as usual’ and simply pass the problems of unsustainable living on to the next generation.


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