Risk rides high on Paxsters

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Wellington, April 16, 2017

It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt by NZ Post’s electric delivery vehicles, the Postal Workers Union says.

Official figures show that the electric vehicles, known as ‘Paxsters,’ have been involved in 34 crashes – four during a trial period in 2014 and 2015, and 30 since they were rolled out in larger centres last year.

There are now 50 Paxsters in use after New Zealand Post spent $15 million on the vehicles, which were imported from Norway.

Crashes, no injuries

Figures showed the crashes were collisions with people or objects but NZ Post said that there have been no reported injuries to members of the public.

Postal Workers Union southern district president John Maynard said that posties were allowed to drive the vehicles up to 20km/h on footpaths.

He said that Paxsters were silent and did not have good rear vision.

Overworked posties

Posties were working long hours and were often fatigued and he was worried about what could happen.

“We don’t think that the company had enough time to select the correct vehicle. So, we are really concerned about that, but also about the taking up of the footpaths and the danger of a collision. As the company puts pressure on posties about productivity we are worried about people driving them quite fast,” Mr Maynard said.

The union is in a dispute with NZ Post over safe rosters for operating the vehicles.

The vehicles can carry up to 200 kgs, have a range of up to 90 kms and have a road speed of 45 km/h.

Picture Courtesy: NZ Post Integrated Annual Report 2016

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