Rugby League acquires ethnic flavour

Kasey King

Auckland will witness the Ethnic Rugby League Competition next weekend.

Five teams will compete for the ‘2015 CMRL Ethnic 9s Championship’ title at the Tournament.

The teams include Piranhas, GuardiaNZ, Wasps, Eagles and Sainiks playing a series of matches.

This will prove very challenging, as it will not only test the players’ skills and ability, but also their physical fitness.

This would be a faster version of the 13-man game.

Positive response

The response has been very positive with all teams currently undergoing intense training.

The wider community and in particular Indian and Filipinos are being encouraged to participate in the Tournament since the two ethnic groups have talented League players.

The Tournament also provides an opportunity for more teams to enter, so long as they contact me on or before Friday March 6, 2015.

Those unable to participate in the forthcoming event can look forward to the Annual Ethnic Competition later in the year.

CMRL will host the Tournament expected to be played over six to eight weeks.

Kasey King is General Manager, Counties Manukau Rugby League.  He can be contacted on (09) 5713865 or 021-2756975. Email:

rugby league acquires

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