Same sex marriage is not a Right(s) issue

I read Labour Member of Parliament Dr Rajen Prasad’s article on the ‘Marriage Amendment Bill’ that appeared in Indian Newslink (September 15, 2012).

Contrary to his view that a majority of people are supporting the Marriage Amendment Bill, I believe that a large percentage of people are silent but appalled by this Amendment. They are definitely against it.

Dr Prasad said that those against this bill were jaundiced in their view and that by opposing it, they were taking away the rights of same sex couples who wish to make commitments to each other.

Perhaps we should blame our ancestors, the education system and our religious beliefs, which in no uncertain term states that it is unnatural and a deviant behaviour for human beings to subscribe to same sex marriage.

Is this jaundiced or are we being forced by our career politicians to accept any such unnatural acts as accepted norms of our society?

For those who oppose this bill, and I count myself as one, believe that we are not taking any rights from gay people as they have every right to make commitments to each other through the Civil Union Act.

Sacred Institution

However, to say that deviant and unnatural behaviour amongst gays must be legitimised and soleminsed as marriage is certainly an affront to our society, especially to those who believe that the institution of marriage is only between a man and a woman.

However, in the jaundiced view of politicians who believe that this abnormal behaviour is normal and should be legislated as permissive, I would go the full hog to support that the father who wants to marry his daughter, the brother who wants to marry his sister, the old man who wishes to make a commitment to his female dog, the man who wishes to have four wives and the woman who wants half a dozen men as husbands.

These will undoubtedly place New Zealand at the forefront of recognising human rights of people, no matter how abysmal and or loopy our society becomes.

I say, why accept only the human right of the minority and not those who may start clamouring for all sorts of rights that we may find abhorrent in the long run?

Human right must be recognised as legitimate if it serves to build on a normal robust society and must be shunned if it has the potential to detract from this.

Vijay Narayan is a resident of Papatoetoe, Auckland. Readers are welcome to express their views to

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