Seagold Solutions Limited

Seagold Solutions Limited aims to provide high quality accounting, consultancy and other services to small and medium companies in New Zealand, with a particular focus on owner-operated enterprises.

This is an accounting firm which follows strict compliance of taxation, company and other laws in force and encourages all its clients to maintain proper documentation, records, meet their legal and professional obligations and ensure full accountability.


Comprehensive Services

Seagold Solutions Limited undertakes to provide complete and comprehensive accounting services including financial management, cash flow management, payroll, business and sales forecasts, budgeting, monitoring, all returns to the Inland Revenue Department including PAYE, GST, Income Tax, and correspondence with government departments and others.

This accounting practice also deals with partnership accounts, divisional accounts between people in domestic and business relationship, legal implications, property matters and related issues.

While due diligence forms the core of Seagold Solutions, the firm also follows a transparent process in relation to its fees, service charges and other expenses which are invoiced to clients. This is standard industry practice.

Passion for business

Director Shailesh Bagwe said that small businesses are generally driven by a passion for achieving the owners’ desired outcomes.

“Such a desirable outcome is also true of Indian businesses, more so in the case of new migrant entrepreneurs. Many small business owners do not have formal financial management training (that is, they are not accountants or bookkeepers). Restrained further by limited resources, they may not have a qualified accountant in their employment. There is therefore a pronounced need for an accountant who knows the local tax regulations to ensure compliance,” he said.

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