Serenity of lakes enhances Landscape Divinity

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As a visual artist, I travel all around the country and try to capture Nature’s mystical charm. In this issue I would like to showcase the beauty of a few such lakes, whose beauty and peaceful energy are apparent in the visuals and almost transcends into the heart of the onlooker in a moment.

I hope these pictures will complement what I have written.

New Zealand, known for its natural beauty and wonderful landscapes, is surrounded by sea. It has countless rivers and lakes to add to its beauty.

People here really take care of their natural heritage.

To my perception and understanding, there are two kinds of water.

Water Types

The first type is stream-like river, aggressive and in a hurry to meet the ocean to submerge itself.

The second type of water is confined to a space like a lake. There is primary quality difference in characteristics of both the bodies of water.

It is scientifically proven that water has memory stored on a molecular level and so river water has to capture information throughout its journey. It therefore keeps changing its molecular structure as per the information received.

Water in a lake is confined and static, therefore receives the information of the specific environment around it. Naturally, information here is of that particular place and so it keeps the energy specific to that place only.

Calm and tranquil is the nature of all the Lakes. Whosoever visits these lakes feels at peace like the lake itself.

A lake changes its mood countless times in a day. If one is stationed at a spot for a day, I assure to capture hundreds of picture without moving an inch. It seems as if the aura around the lake cleanses and heals the aura of everyone who spends some time around it.

Standstill environment

The environment around any lake makes everything come to a standstill and you are engulfed in the stillness of that moment, where you can appreciate just being a part of that environment.

500-days-in-new-zealand-logo-webAshok Kochhar is an international photographer who launched ‘500 Days Across New Zealand’ in December last year. He is currently on an assignment in Bhutan and Delhi.

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