Sharia Law has no place in New Zealand

Leighton Baker

The Conservative Party of New Zealand has announced that it supports a united New Zealand where all peoples living here are subject to the same laws.

There is no room in a democratic country for separate laws applied to different people groups in the one nation.

There can be no acceptance or allowance for any form of Sharia law, in any expression, in New Zealand.

Everyone who comes here or lives here must accept and abide by the rule of law as decreed by our elected Parliament.

One law for all

Because we are a democracy, there is always opportunity to influence law, but having different laws for different people will not achieve a unified country.

Our country was founded on the statement, “We are one people,” and people who move here should consider this before they come.

Recent events in Australia where Muslim clerics themselves have warned the Australian public to be on guard against radical Islam should sound a long loud message to New Zealand.
This is not a racist issue, this is about protecting who we are, our culture and our way of life.

Leighton Baker is Leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand.


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