Sound education for Kelston people

Bala Beeram

National understands the issues that are core to Kelston families and our recent policy announcements are showing that we are investing to secure their future.

Kelston families that I talk to want to see a New Zealand where their children can get  world-class education.

Our four-part $359 million education package was announced at the Campaign launch in Henderson, Auckland on August 27. The package will see more children gaining the skills they need to excel on the world stage.

Second Language

Firstly, a re-elected National Government will provide every primary student the opportunity to learn a second language. At least 10 languages will be available following consultation with communities. Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean are likely to be included, along with Te Reo and Sign Language.

Learning a second language has a positive effect on other parts of children’s learning and this opportunity will lay the groundwork for more young Kiwis to represent New Zealand across the world.

Improving Mathematical skills

Secondly, we will improve the Mathematics skills of primary school students by upskilling teachers, providing additional resources like digital apps, and delivering more support for students who need it. New Zealand’s economy is booming and our need for engineers, scientists, and innovators will only grow. Improving the maths skills of young people today, will benefit New Zealand in the future.

Thirdly, we will invest to create more digital opportunities, with Digital Academies and Digital Internships to give Year 12 and Year 13 students practical, work-based learning opportunities that are a springboard into careers in the IT sector.

Extending National Standards

Lastly, we understand that parents expect to see the progress their children are making at school. That is why a re-elected National Government will extend National Standards to provide more detailed information about how our young people are progressing right throughout the year – information that can be accessed immediately online by children and their parents.

Our teachers and schools work so hard to create opportunities for our children and these measures will help more of our kids reach their potential.

Better Infrastructure

Kelston voters have expressed the need for investment in infrastructure. National is the party of infrastructure and I am proud to see more projects announced to drive Auckland’s economic growth.

Academy for young offenders

As your local MP, I will advocate hard for more transport investment in the West.

Many Kelston families and business owners are concerned about youth crime and the effect that a select few violent young offenders are having on our communities.

We have announced that a re-elected National Government will establish a Junior Training Academy based at the Waiouru, run by the Defence Force to see about 50 of our most violent young offenders per year given the opportunity to turn their lives around.

A Party Vote for National will re-elect a Government devoted to delivering for New Zealanders, with real solutions for Kiwi families.

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