Splendid event with a significant message

The Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (IBA) Presentation Ceremony held on November 19, 2012 was a splendidly choreographed event with good food, wine, entertainment and company.

There was a good range of finalists, with a number of our top performers scooping some of the cherished Awards.

It was good to see new names emerging as winners in different categories.

I congratulate all entrants, finalists and winners. I also acknowledge the significant role played by the judges in their selection.

A good symbol

IBA has become a symbol of the contribution of the Indian community to the business life of New Zealand. Indian businesses, which were mainly small family- owned concerns years ago, have today grown to become successful and major conglomerates.

Many have become very large property and development businesses, others in the financial and IT sectors. Indian businesses are now a part of the commercial fabric of New Zealand, taking innovation and enterprise to a new level.

Gracious presence

The evening was anchored by the presence of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, diplomat and former Governor of East Bengal.

His remarkable speech was based on success, achievement and awards.

He personified aspects of the Gandhian approach, through his humility and subtle messages that any listener would have to take into account.

I had been with him on three occasions during his short visit to New Zealand, at each of which, he gave a glimpse of the values and attitudes of his roots and his many attempts to take focus away from himself.

Perhaps the lasting message came from his speech at the Awards Dinner.

He was genuinely impressed by the contribution of the Indian community to New Zealand. He said that while India was proud of these achievements, it was important that Indians did things that made New Zealand proud of them.

Significant message

This is a message that encapsulates much of what I believe and what I have been saying throughout my public life. We can achieve well in many things but we must always keep an eye of how other New Zealanders feel about us.

We will achieve true integration and acceptance if we focus on things that are important to the health and happiness of all New Zealand citizens.

In one evening, IBA 2012 showcased the achievements of Indian businesses, walk in the shadow of greatness, and receive some of the wisdom that contributed to the emancipation of India from colonial control to an economic powerhouse.

What a night and a complete event it was!

Dr Rajen Prasad is Member of Parliament on Labour List and the Party’s spokesperson on Ethnic Affairs. He is seen here with his wife Prem and Mr Gandhi at a dinner hosted by Anil Thapliyal on November 18, 2012. Read related reports under Homelink (Picture by Abhishek Kala)


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