Sports matches must be free-to-see on TV

Clayton Mitchell

Wellington, February 5, 2017

Many Kiwis who would love to be kicking back watching the Chappell-Hadlee One-Day Cricket International between the Black Caps and Australia live on television are not able to do so.

Only Kiwis with the money to pay for a Sky subscription will be watching the series decider in Hamilton live on television.

It is not a fair go.

New Zealand First believes that everyone should be able to see our top sports teams live on TV. Taxpayers pay nearly a billion dollars each year for sport and recreation and built up state television.

Not everyone wants to watch reality shows, many of us would relish watching events blow by blow, sitting comfortably in our lounge.

All of us cannot afford to pay.

It is not the Kiwi way to pander to the privileged minority but we are seeing this in our television sports coverage.

New Zealand First is determined to change all this.

Our Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill will come before Parliament shortly. It aims to make sure the important sports matches can be seen by all for free.

It is not a big ask; New Zealand had it before and we can have it again.

It is just not cricket.

Clayton Mitchell is Member of Parliament on New Zealand First List and the Party’s Sport and Recreation Spokesperson.

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