Standup Comedian Karthik Kumar heads towards Auckland

‘Blood Chutney’ on February 16 at Freemans Bay Community Centre

Venkat Raman

Standup Comedian Kartik Kumar, who has regaled audiences all over the world with his unconventional and outrageous comedy, will perform in Auckland this weekend.

The Tamil Star, who will debut in New Zealand with his hilarious show, has raised expectations among the Tamil-speaking communities in and around Auckland.

The one-night-only performance has had rave reviews all over the world and is somewhat akin to an unrelated description by the late American actress Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart and make it into Art.”

About the Programme

The show, organised by ‘Stand Up Tamasha’ and Melbourne-based Natya Entertainment, will be held on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 730 pm at Freemans Bay Community Centre, located at 52 Hepburn Street, Auckland City.

Tickets for the show, priced at $30 (Standard) and $25 (Students- ID required at the entrance) are now on sale. Please visit

The Programme has been deemed appropriate for people who are aged 16 years and above.

Personal trauma

In an interview to the Times of India (Entertainment Times), Karthik said that ‘Blood Chutney’ represented a difficult phase in his life.

“Comedy is therapeutic; it is more effective than my therapist,” he said.

His promoters say, “Blood Chutney is a Standup Comedy Special, born out of difficult personal situations. It is an effort to make you believe that all tragedy is just an opportunity for positive thinking. After premier shows in India, USA and UK, ‘Blood Chutney’ does its final round in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India.”

Karthik Kumar Plays

‘Blood Chutney’ is the Karthik Kumar’s third Standup Comedy Special, coming on the heels of the success of ‘Poke Me’ and ‘Second Decoction.’

“’Poke Me’ was a mishmash of many things and it helped me find the funny side of things! ‘Second Decoction’ was born out of one thought- why the duck is my mind so middle class and why do I resist the notion of happiness so much? Why do I wait to be asked and why do I feel that I should wait to be found deserving of another?

“The Third Special (‘Blood Chutney’) came knocking in a year when a cyclone came and rocked my boat; a real cyclone also came, and believe me, it was merely manifesting what was already brewing,” he said.

Karthik said that Blood Chutney is this Season’s offering: Main Course is Comedy and Side Dish is Blood.

Indian Newslink is Media Partner (Print) of the ‘Blood and Chutney’ Programme in Auckland.

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