Teamwork embellishes Manukau Diwali

Two Community Organisations and a radio station have come together to organise Manukau Diwali on November 10, 2012 with grandeur, colour, cuisine and entertainment.

Manukau Indian Association (MIA), Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust and Humm 106.2 FM (Auckland’s only Hindi FM Radio Station) have formed a strategic relationship to organise the Festival of Lights at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, conforming to the concept of unity.

“We thought it would serve the best interests of the community to organise one good and memorable event rather than duplicating it. We have pooled our resources, strengths and potentials to give the people of Auckland and other parts of New Zealand a grand Diwali celebration,” Dr Anil Channa, former President of Manukau Indian Association and organiser of the Festival said.

“We would like to invite other likeminded organisations to join us so that we can strengthen the voice for our people,” he added.

Joint celebrations

Dr Channa said that the three organisations would jointly celebrate major Indian festivals and observances, beginning with Navaratri (October 16 to 24, 2012).

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust Chairman Jeet Suchdev said that since its establishment in 1995, his organisation has been helping people of South Asian origin and striving to bring them under a unified entity.

“As a bold step towards achieving this mission, we have joined hands with MIA and Humm Radio to celebrate several events in the coming years,” he said.

Humm Radio Managing Director Satyan Prasad said that bringing community organisation together for the common good was a part of his goals.

“We will continue to persuade more organisations to form an understanding in order to work in unison for the betterment of our community,” he said.

Partnership for community benefit (from left) Dr Anil Channa, Roopa Suchdev, Roshila Prasad, Satyan Prasad, Rajesh Maharaj, P J Dutt and Jeet Suchdev.

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