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Sahana Restaurant

Sahana is an Indian Restaurant focusing on serving a unique flavour of Indian cuisine.

Most Indian restaurants in New Zealand offer a menu that serves predominantly North Indian cuisine with dishes such as Butter Chicken Masala, Tandoori based dishes, Naan bread and accompaniments.

Sahana took the pleasure of introducing new range of dishes from the southern part of India, specifically the Chettinad Cuisine famous for its hotness backed by spices and aromatic delicacies. Research shows that there are no Indian restaurants in and around Auckland serving South Indian, more importantly, Chettinad food.

Point of difference

This is the point of difference at Sahana.

Owner Sasikala Krishnasami hopes to lead the market as the premier restaurant for Chettinad Cuisine in Auckland.

“Of all the unique aspects of South Indian cuisine, the ambassador of this region has always been the Chettinad cuisine. Almost no restaurant in India serving non-vegetarian food would miss out on having the ‘Chicken Chettinad’ on its menu, and this cuisine is synonymous with spicy fare even to the Indian Palate,” Sasikala said.

Chettinad is a region comprising 75 villages in Sivagangai and Pudukottai Districts of Tamil Nadu. This cuisine is aromatic as it uses varieties of spices in making fresh ground masala for its dishes.

“Sahana’s long term goal is to serve the best of South Indian cuisine with at most perfection, respect and authenticity,” Sasikala said.

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Sasikala Krishnasami

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