The mark of South Asian identity

What an outstanding achievement for Indian Newslink today: 15 years of publishing success in the famously competitive New Zealand print media.

They have not been easy years for the industry. The rise of the internet and online publishing has brought stormy and unsettled times for local and global media.

Only the nimble have survived. Well done on embracing change and publishing not just a hard-copy newspaper but also a modern website, and now a social media presence too.

More people are choosing to consume their news though social media.

It is often the best way to reach our young people.

I would like to congratulate Editor Venkat Raman, and the management team, as well as the journalists for your good work. The one thing that never changes in the media is the importance of quality content.

Smart reflection

Indian Newslink reflects a smart, modern Indian New Zealand community that is business-savvy and fully engaged with politics both locally and internationally.

I have really appreciated that during the years that I have been (an elected) Member of Parliament from Mt Albert.

My electorate has one of the highest concentrations of Indian New Zealanders anywhere in New Zealand. They have supported me loyally over the years, and my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of community events like the recent Diwali festival – not just an ancient festival; but also a celebration of Indian New Zealanders’ vital place in our economic, social and cultural fabric.

I hope that Indian Newslink continues to thrive and provide the important news source for your community and for me.

Significant Issues

It has been good to see some significant issues being covered, and continues to be a useful way for me to keep in touch with the issues that matter in the community.

I noticed your extensive coverage of India’s remarkable election this year: a thoroughly modern process where 550 million votes were cast via 1.8 million electronic voting machines.

The world’s largest democracy really showed the rest of the world how to run a successful, ultra-modern election. It was good to see in-depth local coverage.

Here is to the continued success of Indian Newslink an intelligent news source and celebration of our shared South Asian identity.

David Shearer has been an elected Member of Parliament from 2009 (succeeding Former Prime Minister Helen Clark) MP for Mt Albert. He has previously worked for the New Zealand Government and the United Nations. He is currently Labour Party’s Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and Energy.

Politics is no joke: Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill English with David Shearer (who was the then Leader of the Opposition) at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2012 held on Monday, November 19, 2012 at Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland. (Picture by Narendra Bedekar)

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