The Mystical Paradise of Bhutan beckons

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There are many places where the mystical energy is so strong, that it becomes almost tangible. You know you are in a divine sphere, and you soul is just content looking around the otherwise ordinary elements of Nature.

Bhutan is one such place, where I had the pleasure of going on a road trip.

We were 10 super bikers and I was in a car.

It was a unique experience travelling through some of the most populated states of India and seeing the reality of our country first hand. You witness tremendous hardships that people undergo, especially those under repressive poverty.

The Majestic Gate

We entered Bhutan through Pheuntshling (or Phuntsholing) on our seven-day tour. They have a majestic gate and you feel the difference of cleanliness and upkeep either side of the gate.

There is lot to talk about that Divine land which is pristine in nature, its space and its people. Everyone is a practicing Buddhist. Their love towards their King and Queen is unmatched. They are like their parents and they mean it.

The joy of life is not only visible, but also infectious when you interact with anyone.

Happy State

We all know that Bhutan is positioned as a happy state, which is so true. Education and health care is free for all in Bhutan.

Freedom to everyone is at the highest scale.

Not only that, I was impressed to see the equal participation of women in all fields whether its running a small restaurant or a big hotel, from a small shop or a departmental store.

It is truly a finest balance of society, where nobody enters into another’s personal space and everyone contributes to their optimum potential towards everyday life tasks.

Landscape and the complementing architecture are breathtaking.

Houses have their unique character.

Another observation I made as a photographer was that you may knock anybody’s house; they welcome you and allow you to take pictures.

Bhutan a Mystical Paradise on Earth.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer with a passion for the uncommon an unexposed. He is currently in India, after having visited Bhutan. He will return to New Zealand this month to continue his quest of ‘500 Days in New Zealand.’

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