The stylist tops your look

Hairdressing has come a long way from its mundane and matter-of-fact job.

It is today a thriving profession, with stylists commanding a large customer base.

If looking trendy or well-groomed is the objective of every man, the South City Barber in Papatoetoe is just the place for you.

Soccer, cricket and rugby players and enthusiasts are among those who bow down before Hassan Bhai, not in shame but to elevate their style and appearance!

A thorough professional, he keeps his head cool.

With hair care going beyond just a massage, shampoo or plain dyeing, the business requires constant attempts to keep in touch with the latest trends, techniques and styles.

“It is a pleasure to meet people, dress their hair and make them feel well groomed and comfortable. Hairdressing need not be expensive. After all, there are many who cannot afford high rates,” he said.

Senior citizens, members of the RSA and a selected few of other sections of the society can expect to have their hair done for as low as $5, while the normal rate for others is no more than $10. For those in preference of specialist styling, Hassan and his complement of staff have a good hand as well.

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