This is our land of Eternal Tranquility, explore!

Ashok Kochhar –

We have lost many natural habits to modern life style.

More than a year ago, I started a journey in New Zealand, which I consider a pilgrimage.

This land is one of the few places on the planet, which still has Eternal tranquility intact. Till now, I have travelled extensively throughout the country.

Many New Zealanders have gone all over the world but have missed the Paradise at home.

My journey was started on a self-assigned project named, ‘500 Days in New Zealand.’ When I started, I had about 20 stories in mind but as I travelled, these stories started to multiply and by the end of 2016, they crossed, the number had risen to 65.

Coffee Table Books

Initially, I planned for one Coffee Table Book but now I am considering four to six books. Presently, I am working on my first Coffee Table Book but I am experiencing difficulty in shortlisting the pictures, as every sight is beautiful and breathtaking.

The beauty of this land is not physical what tourists see but its Eternal beauty.

I am to an energy field, which holds you in a trance.

During my trips, I have felt many times when “I am simply not there.”

From Cape Reinga to Bluff or small Islands, I have felt heavily charged spaces, wherein you can sense the energy field you have entered and soon you become a part of it.

Gifts of Nature

And this energy is the residue of many mystical traditions and rituals of the natives from many centuries ago. The time when nature was worshipped and every time you took something from nature, whether a fruit or bark of the tree, you thanked them for their gift which is unlike our times, when we have assumed our superiority over every other existence in the world.

Time is right to connect modernity to the ancient sciences and practices.

We need to explore, research and revisit the lost heritage.

Time is right when outer world information and ancestral practices need to be rewritten.

All this I experienced while being with natural healers and other esoteric practicing masters who know the deeper realms of being.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer who launched ‘500 Days Across New Zealand’ in December 2015. He lives in Hamilton.

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