Trusted brands create consumer confidence

Companies with an established reputation for quality of products at affordable prices with a supply pattern that is reliable and continuous, have little difficulty in attracting and retaining customers.

Among them is Globex Import and Export Limited based in Auckland.

Established in June 2007 as the second venture of the Food for Less Group. Globex commenced operations with the distribution of local products to shops, restaurants and takeaways.

Encouraged by market response, the Company now has its own branded products made in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan.

“We carry 400 product lines ranging from flour, rice and sugar to confectionary items, sauces and cleaning products. Our customer base, currently about 500, is constantly on the rise,” chief executive Uma Chand said.

Romit Prakash, who is a director of the company (with his brother Nilesh Prakash), said that the company recently launched a number of new products.

“These include Golden Chef Ghee, Summer Valley Milk Powder, Vinegar, all of which are home-packed at our pack house,” he said.

Mr Chand said that recession has had adverse effect on cash flow, market demand and overall confidence.

“After an extended period of nervous economic activity compounded by slow payment schedules and other depressing factors, most businesses are cautiously optimistic of increased sales, productivity and profitability.

“Market feedback indicates that 2012 would be a turnaround year. We certainly hope so,” he said.

Mr Prakash said careful planning, financial discipline and proper business forecast kept Globex in good shape.

“There was no decline in our business activity throughout the period of recession but there was no impressive growth. We maintained our market share, improved our product range and served our customers to the best of our ability. We are looking forward to a better year,” he said.

However, escalating cost of goods and services, perpetuated by rising fuel and other prices is a challenge that these companies must encounter to remain profitable.

Impressive growth

Today, the Company has a growing list of products from Fiji and other countries. The range includes foodstuffs, frozen vegetables, frozen seafood, pulses, grains, confectionary, cleaning products, healthcare products and household items.

“These are sourced and imported directly from a number of countries in Asia and distributed throughout New Zealand and Pacific countries. We constantly look for new products and new markets,” Nilesh said.

Globex also has a long list of well-known brands including Bongo, Twisties and UFO, imported from Fiji for distribution in the region.

Said Mr Chand: “Our mission at Globex and Food for Less has always been to offer high quality goods at low prices and optimise customer satisfaction. Although competition has become fierce over the years, we have been fortunate to have a growing number of loyal customers. We believe in giving the best at the best possible price.”

Globex brings the price advantage obtained through bulk imports and passes it on to retailers in its network and of course at its own Supermarkets.

Romit said the Company has been catering to a cross-section of the society.

“It is not just the members of the Indian community who benefit from the wide range of products that we import; this benefit is available to all retailers and through them to all ethnic groups in the country,” he said.

With its uncompromising approach to quality and pricing, Globex is today one of the largest companies of its type in New Zealand.

The enterprise has continuously expanded and added products and services to accrue benefits to people.

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