Unhealthy competition disorients customer care

When Radio Tarana celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 2010, Indian Newslink published a Special Report in its June 15, 2010 edition, its Editor said that 15 years may not even be the blink of an eye in the vast canvas of time, but in the context of an organisation, it is an achievement that calls for celebration.

“In a business environment characterised by cutthroat competition, self-adulation and self-proclamation of pre-eminence, the achievement of Radio Tarana as the first and only company in the Indian media segment to enter 15th year of operations (on June 15) is not only indubitable but also inimitable,” he had said.

I wish to express similar feelings as I write this article for Indian Newslink, extending our sincere greetings as this publication celebrates its 15th Anniversary on November 15.

Honourable hallmarks

Business ethics, penchant for quality of products and services, ability to establish and foster a team of highly motivated professionals, and most important of all, loyalty and patronage of an ever-increasing family of advertisers and listeners are among the hallmarks of our radio station as well as this newspaper.

It is often said that two types of businesses exist: (a) those with a modest beginning with modest resources progressing into an organisation of reputation and (b) those that launch their business with plenty of money, not as healthy competitors but as ‘assassins,’ with a vengeance to kill.

The latter always remain as ‘also-rans,’ for there is no place for opulent upstarts. This is people’s business and public support is paramount.

Cutthroat Competition

Competition is the most important aspect of consumption, because it provides consumers with choice and enables them to exercise that choice to demand the best from those offering products and services. It encourages companies to innovate, diversify, improve the quality of products and services and offer them at affordable prices. A market with healthy business practices emerges for the benefit of everyone in the community and the country.

Unfortunately, reality is far removed from the theory of economics. Newcomers challenge the established organisations, not with matching quality of products and services, but with cutthroat razors, perpetrating price wars. That indeed is the status of the Indian media in New Zealand today.

Mutual respect fostered

We at Radio Tarana remain oblivious to such unhealthy trends, for we are inoculated against such epidemics with a strong constitution of principles, practices and of course loyal customers. Like Indian Newslink, we have been loyal to our advertisers, listeners, sponsors and media partners.

Both our organisations have a mutually respectful partnership, nurtured over the years with principles of honesty, integrity, sincerity and mutual respect. These are among the most valuable assets of the two companies.

Since its inception in November 1999, Indian Newslink has had an element of professionalism, which has seen it grow to become the most powerful Indian print media in this country.

The management of this establishment has developed a standard that remains unmatched by any other print medium in New Zealand.

It is a proud moment for Radio Tarana to congratulate its print partner on this joyous occasion. The Indian Newslink Brand has evolved over the years to include Indian Newlink fortnightly newspaper, Indian Newslink Fast Find Business Directory, Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture and Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.

The readership of the print edition has grown to more than 50,000 while its web edition has a whopping 60,000 unique visitors every month.

Successful team

Owner, Managing Director and Publisher Ravin Lal has been successfully leading a team of professionals who are behind the success of the Indian Newslink brand.

The newspaper has created a new level of professional journalism, which is reflected in the quality of all of its brands.

The publication has been a guiding light for policy and decision makers in different organisations throughout the country, including the New Zealand Police, Immigration New Zealand, local Governments and community groups.

Unique relationship

The Radio TaranaIndian Newslink partnership is unique and nothing short of excellence. We have enjoyed a strong synergy and continue to build each other’s brands. Over the years, both companies have through joint promotions delivered success to many advertisers.

We have provided our respective audiences with jointly investigated stories.

It is a fact that our companies represent each other whenever the opportunity arises to deliver the best in news, views and information.

Prime Minister John Key has often said that ethnic media is important in disseminating information to the various communities in New Zealand and in understanding and communicating their concerns.

“The Indian media in New Zealand has been playing a strategic and vital role in promoting businesses and the community,” he said.

On behalf of my team at Radio Tarana, I congratulate the Management and staff of Indian Newslink on the 15th Anniversary of the publication.

I am proud to be associated with Indian Newslink.

Robert Khan is the Managing Director of Radio Tarana, Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in Marketing’ Category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards since 2009. Mr Khan and his team are passionate about promoting the interests of the communities they serve.

Prime Minister John Key presenting the Radio Tarana Business Excellence in Marketing Trophy to Manoj Dolli of Xelerate Technologies Limited at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2010 held at Stamford Plaza Auckland Hotel on November 15, 2010 (Picture by Narendra Bedekar).

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