Visitor to explain spiritual enlightenment

The nuances of Yoga and the ways and means of attaining salvation would be the core theme of a lecture by a visiting philosopher this week.

Sukhvinder Bindra, an international scholar and teacher associated with the Art of Living Foundation, will be in Auckland to explain the meaning and content of ‘Yoga Vasistha,’ an ancient set of scriptures that explain more about this world and its evolution and devolution that has defied determination by modern science and technology.

Mr Bindra will speak at the Art of Living Centre in Avondale (93 Lansford Crescent) from September 4 to 6 at 715 pm.

Tickets priced at $10 per day or $25 for all three days can be booked by calling 021-02256503 or 027-6794235; Email:;


Mr Bindra is an Ambassador of the Organisation.

He is known as an engaging speaker with a particular depth of knowledge about the ancient scriptures. Yoga Vasistha is an ancient document but it still speaks to us today. This ancient knowledge of Vedanta is still so relevant in modern times, where we are continuously facing opposing situations.

According to records, Yoga Vasistha is a Hindu spiritual text written by sage Valmiki.

Some Hindus believe that it answers all questions that arise in the human mind, and can help one to attain salvation (Moksha).

Extensive meaning

Yoga Vasishta recounts a discourse of sage Vasishta to Prince Rama. The contents of Vasishta’s teachings to Rama are associated with Advaita Vedanta, the illusory nature of the manifest world and the principle of non-duality.

This is one of the longest texts in Sanskrit after the great Epic ‘Mahabharata,’ and an important text of Yoga. It consists of about 32,000 slokas or hymns including numerous short stories and anecdotes used to help illustrate its content.

In terms of Hindu mythology, the conversation in the Yoga Vasishta takes place chronologically before the ‘Ramayana.’

Other names of this text are ‘Maha Ramayana,’ ‘Arsha Ramayana,’ ‘Yogavasishta’ and ‘Jnanavasishta.’

True knowledge

The teachings of Yoga Vasistha are revolutionary and the way in which the truth is revealed would be an eye-opener.

Yoga Vasishta’s special appeal lies in its thoroughly rational approach and its presentation of Vedanta as a philosophy. It is this philosophy of a rational and practical approach that man in this modern age needs to rescue himself from the stagnation of worldliness and put him on the high road of creative living and fulfilment,” he said.

Yoga Vasishta is highly respected for its practical mysticism.

Hemant Parikh is an Art of Living Teacher and Volunteer. He can be contacted on 021-629359


What: Discourse on Yoga Vasistha

Speaker: Sukhvinder Bindra

Who: Art of Living NZ

Where: Art of Living Centre, 93 Lansford Crescent

Avondale Auckland

When: September 4 to 6 at 715 pm

Tickets: $10 daily or $25 consolidated

Contact: 021-02256503 or 027-6794235



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