We seek hands of friendship

Editorial Two

Issue 406, December 15, 2018

As Indian Newslink steps into its 20th year of publication, we mark the occasion expressing our gratitude, solemnity and solidarity with our people- advertisers, sponsors, contributors, correspondents, readers and staff- for they have been the instruments of our destiny since we launched our publication on November 15, 1999.

Over the years, we have learnt the difficult art of maintaining balance, not just in our journalistic approach but also in our mood and attitude. We have learnt how to stay on the ground; not seeking dizzy heights of conceit when loaded with accolades nor sinking to the depths of depression when showered with brickbats. There is a certain joy in being what we are than what we have.

Healthy Competition needed

Competition is the fuel that sparks the engine of any business, giving it the momentum not just to survive but also to gain strength and get bigger and better. It keeps an organisation under check, preventing it from becoming reckless either in its conduct or service to the society.

We believe that the ethnic media in New Zealand, at least in respect of the extended Indian community, is in the process of growth and advancement. As it matures, it would discern the difference between true patrons and attention-seekers; it would also understand the need for well-defined policies that are truly worthy of public trust and confidence.

Hand of friendship

It is unfortunate that New Zealand does not have an organisation that binds together people in the media industry. There is an urgent need for newspapers, radio stations, television channels, and programme providers to unite under an umbrella so that their purpose of serving the people could be bettered.

New Zealand is a small country, and the Indian population is even smaller. The ethnic media subsists in an extremely crowded market, with the risk of business ethics eroded to the point of extinction.

We also seek the hand of our counterparts in the industry in re-establishing solidarity and meeting the challenges of the times.


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