A confluence of theatre, music dance and diverse players

A confluence of theatre, music dance and diverse players

Meera goes on stage on May 31 at ASB Waterfront Theatre

Aarti Bajaj, Gold Coast, Australia, April 16, 2019

The most common word that I came across when I started Wild Dreamer Productions and while making ‘Meera,’ was ‘Profile.’

“If you don’t have a big enough profile how can anyone collaborate with you?”

I had two options: either stop what I was aiming to do or take a completely wild, unconventional path. I choose the later one.  

We created ‘Wild Dreamer Productions,’ a productions company that aims to explore talent and reach out to those burning souls who are waiting to show the world what they have within and how much they can offer to the world of arts and creativity.

We took a pledge, “If you have the talent and burning desire to showcase your talent to the world, Wild Dreamer will bring the platform to you”.

The Challenge of Trust

With this intention, comes yet another challenge. The challenge of trusting in human beings, challenge of training artists both amateur and professionals.

Wild Dreamer is a unique production company that strongly believes in experimental creativity. ‘Meera’ is the outcome of that very experimental exploration.

What genre can you categorise this production into? A Theatre? A Musical? The closest I could come to explaining ‘Meera,’ the production genre would be a Musical Theatre.

But that description would limit its vision. I, as a dramaturge, as an artistic director, as some one who conceived ‘Meera’ would like to explain it as a stage production, which is a beautiful confluence of theatrical, musical and in-depth narration, layered with mesmerising music, opulent costumes, jewellery and makeup. All enhanced with latest fascinating technology, state-of-art 2D /3D stage projections and mapping.

Creativity along the Journey

These elements that we have used to tell the intense love story of ‘Meera,’ shows how many creatives this journey involves.

Bringing multiple talents from various genres together, all from varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from different walks of life and to make them all understand one vision of telling this beautiful story to the audience in the most experimental way was my biggest challenge.

The Ocean of the Unknown

But the vision and intention were much stronger than concerns and fears. Believing in humanity and in the reason of its existence, I dived into the ocean of unknown.

And the outcome was a magical, mesmerising evening, a houseful show and above all a great energy of love, togetherness, pride, hard work and dedication that was felt and seen amongst the huge cast and crew of 300 at the premier show of ‘Meera,’ in Gold Coast, Australia.

Taking my next step forward, similar fears and concerns entertained my thought process for a while when Wild Dreamers decided to take ‘Meera’ internationally to Auckland, New Zealand, but as always, true intentions and vision prevail above all.

Love and Warmth in Auckland

The regular intense rehearsals by the entire cast and crew, tireless efforts of the admin team, an outstanding showcase at the curtain raiser event of ‘Meera’ (on May 30, 2019) in Auckland and the way it was received by the audience with open arms and warm heart speaks at length about love and humanity.

The love that we received from the wider Auckland community at our Curtain raiser event has filled my heart with exuberance, passion and love more than ever.

The unconditional faith, trust and support Wild Dreamer Productions has received from all supporters and sponsors is a definite indication of yet another run of houseful shows which will surely be filled with people who be touched by love, excitement and the passion behind making of ‘Meera.’

We will see you all beautiful souls at the ASB Waterfront Theatre soon!

Aarti Bajaj is the Chief Executive and Artistic Director of the Gold Coast (Australia) based Wild Dreamer Productions. She is the Producer, Director and Choreographer of ‘Meera’ being staged at the ASB Waterfront Theatre in Auckland from May 31, 2019 to June 2, 2019. Tickets, with ‘Early Bird Discount’ are now available. Please contact Shagun Choudhary 021-1776350. email: admin@wilddreamerproductions.com;

website: www.wilddreamerproductions.com;
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