‘Always Right Detective’ Rajax puts up his paws

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Auckland, July 28, 2018
Customs Detector Dog Rajax is hanging up his harness and heading into a well-earned retirement, after nearly six years on the job during which he detected 75 kilograms of drugs and over $3.3 million in undeclared cash.
Rajax started working with Customs in December 2012 and was dual-trained to find drugs and cash. He has worked mainly in Auckland at the International Airport, International Mail Centre, as well as checking air and sea cargo, and cruise ships.
Special ‘Detective’
His handler, Senior Customs Officer Andrew Bond said that Rajax, or Jax as he is often called, was special, and his potential was obvious soon after starting on the job.
“Born on April 6, 2011, Rajax was the 2000th puppy bred at the Australian Border Force in Melbourne, from where all our detector dogs come. Within the first few weeks, he positively indicated the presence of drugs in a shipment from China.
Even though x-ray images were negative, the examining officers trusted Rajax’s indication and further examined the large metal bolt shipment. As a result, around 2.5 kgs of the meth precursor Contac NT was found,” he said.
Celebrity Status
Rajax quickly gained reputation for “Always being right”. He even reached celebrity status as one of the stars in the popular TV series ‘Dog Squad and Border Patrol.’
“Rajax has had quite a few highlights during his career, but one vivid memory I have was attending a joint Customs and Police search that located $710,000 in concealed currency, and 5 kgs of cocaine,” Mr Bond said.
In 2014 and 2017, Rajax and Andrew won the Regional Detector Dog Trials in Auckland, before going on to represent Customs at the National Detector Dog Trials in Wellington.
In 2017 they won third place and the Inter-Customs Trophy for the best-placed Customs team at nationals.
Good Temperament
“Rajax has such a good temperament and was well loved by everyone who met him. He has been hardworking, obedient, and genuinely loved coming to work to do his job. I feel incredibly lucky to have been paired with him, and I will miss bringing him to work.
“Rajax is now an official member of our family, and we will make sure he enjoys his retirement. He will be spending more time getting out and about having fun at the local forest and beaches –he has earned it,” Mr Bond said.
Photo Caption:
1. Rajax with Handler Andrew Bond
2. Rajax with Handler Andrew Bond at Auckland International Airport
(Pictures Credit: Greenstone TV)
3. Rajax as a puppy at the Australian Border (Picture Supplied)

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