An Avatar of love, peace and compassion

Many Hindus revere and recognise Jesus as a Prema Avatar, reincarnation of Divine Love.

This is because many of his teachings were about finding the God within, and service of fellow beings.

Until recent years, the population of Hindus outside India was small and hence Hindu festivals such as Diwali were not widely celebrated.

Christmas is a familiar festival for Hindus in India. It is a national holiday and non-Christians mark the occasion with their friends. Christmas carols are popular in hotels and other public places.

Hindu parents in New Zealand encourage their children to prepare the Christmas Tree in their homes and offer gifts to their Christian friends and food to the poor and the needy.

The whole country will be on holiday mood, with the spirit of Christmas and New Year bringing people together. The society in New Zealand reminds us of our home country- secular, tolerant and peaceful co-existence.

I look forward to Christmas as I see it as a season for love and care.

Christmas, like Diwali, is a Festival of Lights.

Christ is the light of the World, as mentioned in the Gospel of John.

I was privileged to be sworn in as a Justice of the Peace on November 23, 2012 – it occurred during the festive season.

Accepting the appointment was about the desire to serve the local community.

In fact, the community groups encouraged me to become a JP.

I will serve the people from my home at New Lynn and will also be available at CAB, New Lynn on Saturdays and at the ISCKON temple on Sunday afternoon.

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