Auckland Indian Association Centenary Year

Venkat Raman

Year 2020 will mark a milestone in the annals of history of the Indian community in New Zealand general and Auckland in particular, as the Auckland Indian Association (AIA) celebrates 100 years of its establishment.

Not surprisingly unique and distinct from its likes around the world, AIA is the mother of all Indian organisations in New Zealand. It has seen the world in various stages of fear, anxiety, progress and prosperity, punctuated by service and sacrifice.

Narendra Bhana, who has the good fortune of being the President of AIA in its 100th year, has with him a team of veterans who have weathered through storms and cultivated the Association to be on the forefront of service organisations.

City Icons

The Mahatma Gandhi Centre at its core and Sri Radha Krishna Temple at its threshold, are icons of Auckland; the former is indubitably unparalled anywhere in the world.

Indian Newslink has had the privilege of serving this great institution for more than 20 years and now has the honour of association in its Centenary celebrations which will include, among a host other events, a Bhagawat Katha in September.

We look forward to bringing you, in the ensuing issues, continuous information, along with the signposts that AIA has built over the past 100 years.

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