Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed


Auckland, January 16, 2018

If you are looking for a place to eat in Auckland, you might want to avoid these food outlets.

Auckland Council says there are currently 26 eateries with a D or E-grade ratings.

Reasons include pests, poor cleaning and unhygienic food storage.

“A D-grade means that faults that are not a critical risk to food safety were found on the premises and intervention by a food safety officer was required,” an Auckland Council spokesperson told Newshub.

“E-grades are issued to businesses with critical food safety risks. When a critical risk to food safety is found, the business will immediately close and will reopen when the critical food safety risk has been addressed.

“For example, if a food business is found to have extensive cockroach infestation, it will not be permitted to reopen, unless the cockroach infestation has been satisfactorily mitigated.”

Click on this link to see the list of Restaurants:


Food List

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Since then:

  1. Nando’s West City has been re-graded to A
  2. Matakana Village Takeaways has been re-graded to A
  3. Nando’s Lincoln Road has been re-graded to A
  4. Julias Bakery has been re-graded to B
  5. MS Dessert Café has been re-graded to B
  6. Muse Café has been re-graded to A

It might be wise to choose another place to eat.


Video Link (Newshub):…/auckland-s-filthiest-restaurants…



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