Blatant omission of sports erodes INL character

Ravi Nyayapati – 

Sports play such an important role for the common person.

It is therefore almost unthinkable that a media outlet would not have a section dedicated to some form of news covering major sports.

Due to the increasing commercialisation and popularity of sport over the last decade, there has been a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of sports news.

The conventional expectation of reading major headlines on the front page and sports articles on the back page has continued for decades.

This routine is in fact so customary that it feels incomplete if this norm is disturbed.

Major weakness

A newspaper appears somewhat imperfect should the back page not carry sports news.

As a sports enthusiast, I found this to be blatant omission in Indian Newslink for a very long time.

In my opinion, this was the only weakness in an otherwise magnificent newspaper.

During a casual conversation last year, Indian Newslink Editor agreed with my view that a lack of quality sports news and commentary did not complete this newspaper’s profile. he enthusiastically welcomed the idea of a regular contribution in the sports column.

He was genuinely forthcoming in his admission of the void the paper had in this area.

He also accepted the criticism that not being a sportsperson, he did not appreciate the desire of tens of thousands of readers for quality sports news and features.

I am delighted to say that since that conversation, this newspaper has ensured sports coverage (albeit not entirely adequate) in every edition,

In fact, the importance of sports coverage has been so well acknowledged and appreciated that after New Zealand’s glorious victory at the Rugby World Cup 2015, the paper dedicated the entire front page to sports.

That was an absolute turnaround. Kudos to Indian Newslink!

Breaking tradition

Blatant omission- Ravi Nyayapati 2There has also an effort to go beyond the stereo-type importance given to Cricket by the Diaspora. In the last year coverage has also included Rugby Union, Football and a fair amount of Rugby League, with specific focus on the New Zealand Warriors.

There are many in the community with a keen interest in League, and the inclusion of this has been welcomed whole-heartedly.

An important consideration of including sports coverage in this newspaper has been in the timing of its publication. Given that Indian Newslink is printed fortnightly, what gets published simply cannot be a glorified commentary of match progress.

It has to be accommodative of the background to the sports event discussed, the event itself, as well as an analysis of the game.

Global Stadium

In this age, Information Technology is so efficient that the whole world is like a virtual stadium for all sports lovers. Irrespective of the sport or the location, readers are able to instantly engage in sports commentaries, while the more enthusiastic lot watch games live.

I also have great love for watching live sports and do so for as many games as time allows me to so.  \

However, what I find even more fascinating is all the written stuff about matches, or their circumstances, by regular writers and commentators.

The articles carried in Indian Newslink are done with the same perspective in mind – not just an account of the matches as they happen, which readers would have watched anyway, but with an unbiased analytical view.

Rising passion

Sports is an entertaining topic as well as a passionate one.

Sports articles occasionally transcend the games themselves and take on socio-political significance. They help connect the community with an emotional bond, especially when family and friends are involved. Through a committed sports coverage, Indian Newslink has been able to bring to limelight in the past year the achievements of young sports personalities from the Indian and Fiji Indian community, which has abundant talent with increasing potential among the growing generation.

There is much pleasure in writing about the successes of people, the glory of winning, the high and low emotions of wins and losses, those tight situations and the specialty of some players and situations.

Thrilling experiences

These are all the heart-throbbing experiences related with sports.

Like music, these moments transcend geographic and social boundaries and unite people.   Indian Newslink is committed to combining these experiences with analytical views, allowing the readers to experience the joy in the same spirit.

It is a hope that such articles also help towards promotion of the sport locally, especially in the younger readers who are also into sports. New Zealand is a paradise for nurturing young talent. The younger readers of our community ought to find motivation from such kind of publicity and continue pursuit of their talent.

Sports Awards

Indian Newslink is the first and only Indian media company which runs its own Sports Awards programme. Since its establishment in 2012, this programme has been growing from strength to strength, encouraging an increasing number of our young men and women to excel in the games they play.

The enthusiasm, audience, ambience, fairness and professional ethics of these Awards programme have seen it prosper into an iconic event each year.

It has brought forward the best of business entrepreneurs from the Diaspora.

The newspaper is committed to lift the standards of the Awards to match the high calibre of its annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards.

The upgrade of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards scheme is great news for the thousands of budding sports personalities in the community.

I feel particularly thrilled and privileged that I have the opportunity of being involved with the 2016 Awards. Do watch this space!

Great feeling

I would like mention what a wonderful feeling it is to read Indian Newslink.

I eagerly await the print edition every fortnight.

Whilst it is true that digital media has evolved and has had great adoption over the last few years, there is something about a physical print that digital versions cannot simply replace.

I am one of the many that find the satisfaction of reading a physical newspaper empowering.  Of course, turning to the back page and reading sports – priceless!

Ravi is a Project Management professional evincing keen interest in Cricket, Rugby, Rugby League and other sports. He has been an umpire for Auckland Cricket.

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