Budding actor signs deal with Acting Agency in Auckland

Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

Auckland, November 7, 2020


                      Pratik Patel 

 A budding actor says that he has bright chances of making his dream come true, having signed up with a leading Acting Agency in Auckland.

Pratik Ishwarbhai Patel, who has fought several odds in his life and declared Runner-Up in the Mr India 2019 title in November, has struck a deal with B&M Creative Artists Limited, an Agency that matches the needs of the film industry with acting talent.

Pratik signed the Agreement on November 5, 2020, his birthday.

Building relationships

The Company’s website says that it covers film, television, theatre, commercial opportunities, Brand Ambassador Partnerships, Celebrity Endorsements and Corporate Entertainment.

“Those represented deliver engaging and compelling content, whether they are actors, presenters, chefs or media personalities. Clients receive a pro-active and hands-on management style and are guaranteed development, guidance and strong management partnership,” the website said.

Pratik said that the Agency Agreement represented two years of his constant pursuit.

“When I realised that I wanted to be more than just an IT Engineer, I was keen to be included under the B&M Creative Artists Limited organisation. I am extremely pleased that I am now one of the actors that the company represents. I am very excited for a new phase in my acting career with B&M Creative Artists as they represent me worldwide and through their resources and casting channels help me arrange auditions and manage my acting work in the field of theatre production, TV and films,” he said.

People’s wellbeing is his passion: Pratik Patel

Training as Actor

Last year, Pratik joined the training programme the acting studio of Peter Feeney based in Auckland CBD and since then has been improving his skills as an actor by working under and alongside many well-known actors and coaches.

This year, he met Jamie Irvine, an accomplished New Zealand actor and an acting coach.

“Under his guidance, I was able to further improve my craft. Besides my regular training at Jamie’s Acting studio, I worked during September specifically on a couple of scenes and put them together into a showreel. This enabled me to apply at various agencies and showcase my acting skills to be selected. Finally, on November 5, 2020, I signed my contract with B&M, my birthday,” he said.

Mental wellbeing advocate

As well as aspiring to be an actor and model, Pratik is a mental health and wellbeing advocate.

“I have always believed that my purpose in life is to help people going through depression, dealing with anxiety, and other mental health issues. I have experienced these hardships myself and as such, I am aware of the challenges that confront people,” he said.

Pratik wants to use the story of his life and his traumatic experience as a way of helping people and letting them know that they are not alone. He hopes that by coaching and talking about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, he can remove the stigma around metal health issues and help people overcome their battles. 

Pratik found his way out of this and attributes his healthy lifestyle saying, “I picked up hobbies that helped me discipline my mind and body. I practiced gratitude on a daily basis and started helping others on a small scale – people who were struggling like I did.”

About Pratik Patel

Born and raised in India, Pratik came to New Zealand as a teenager in 2008 to fulfil his responsibilities and support his family. Even as he fought mental depression, his life changed for the worse in 2015, when he met with an accident while driving.

As he recovered, he realised that he had to come to grips with his life to succeed.

That was a turning point in his life.

“One thing that truly helped me beat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and self-destructive thoughts was helping others with their wellbeing. Doing so helped me overcome my own depression. For the first time, I realised my true calling in life. I feel deep satisfaction every time I help someone,” Pratik said.

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