Conservatives choose Elliot Ikilei for Manurewa

Leighton Baker

Auckland, June 10, 2017

Manurewa finally has a candidate who shares their views and values.
The Conservative Party of New Zealand is excited to announce its candidate for Manurewa, Elliot Ikilei.
Mr Ikilei has also been confirmed as the Deputy Party Leader and as such will be second on the Party List.
Quality people, who work on the front line of family issues, are a huge asset for any community, and having Mr Ikilei willing to take the community’s concerns into the halls of Parliament is a massive opportunity for Manurewa.

Firsthand knowledge
Elliot has seen firsthand the negative effects of anti-family policies on his community and understands that for real stability and growth in the area, emphasis on stable loving marriages, committed relationships and empowered parents are essentials, not options.
Our policies to help prevent and lower Youth crime are not only all encompassing, but pragmatic, practical and achievable, and they are also well overdue.

Elliot is looking forward to engaging with people in the community who are as passionate as he is, and who share a vision for a more vibrant Manurewa.

Strengthening Pillars
A comment from Elliot. “Over the last two decades I have watched our families become more broken, and watching the gradual degradation of our society has driven me to fight for our community and our families. I have dedicated my life to saving and serving our society, and the Conservative Party is the only Party which is dedicated to the pillars of Family, Justice and Democracy.
“I am equally humbled and honoured to be given this title of service, and will continue to fight against the brutality being inflicted upon our Democracy, our Justice and most importantly, our Families.
For New Zealand, Elliot Ikilei.
Link to video of Elliot:

Leighton Baker is Leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand.


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