Conservatives look at prevention in their Justice Policy

Leighton Baker

Auckland, July 1, 2017

Internationally proven techniques for rehabilitating prisoners have been incorporated into the Conservative Party’s Justice Policy released today.
Our main focus for justice is prevention.

However, major reforms are required within the justice system so that those who come through it are better equipped and qualified to deal with life in society, and are less likely to reoffend.
Our Party is proposing a three-stage sentencing programme moving from work, to education, through to open prison, with the movement through each stage determined by the prisoner’s commitment to the process.
Open prisons reduce reoffending and therefore reduce prison population, as well as cost less per head to run.

Makes sense.
A process that brings accountability alongside personal responsibility and long term rehabilitation has got to be more effective than our current system.
To learn more of our Policy, please visit

Our Youth Justice policy can also be seen on the website.

Leighton Baker is Leader of the Conservative Party based in Auckland.

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