‘Cultural Connections’ looks at better migrant engagement

Eric Chuah – 

A new social enterprise specialising in researching on issues relating to migrants is inviting migrants to enlist on its research panels and enable them to progress in their professions and entrepreneurial efforts.

Called, ‘Cultural Connections,’ the initiative is New Zealand’s first social enterprise.

About 25% of the population of New Zealand were born overseas.

There are numerous community groups (some well-known, some, not so) supporting migrants, and an increasing number of companies are treating migrants as a discreet customer segment.

Strong consumer market

Companies have tapped into the fact that the migrant customer segment can be up to 10 times more profitable than mainstream customer segments.

However, there is very little data available to understand how migrants are settling into Kiwi life, let alone how they make purchase decisions.

At the same time, I come across new community groups all the time doing amazing things, supporting new migrants arriving in New Zealand.

These groups need more financial support as they gear up to support the anticipated record high migration levels.

I believe that there is an opportunity to fulfil the needs of migrants and the community groups that support them; and there are many companies that are keen to do business with the migrant customer segment.

Cultural Connections was established to fulfill such a need.

Donation to migrant group

We are a market research company for New Zealand-based businesses but we have a social purpose to help migrant community groups with their awareness and funding. For every migrant who joins our research panel, Cultural Connections will donate $2 to a migrant community group.

Initially, Cultural Connections will be supporting six groups: Multicultural New Zealand, NZ Newcomers Network, Auckland Regional Migrant Services, Chinese New Settlers Services Trust, New Zealand Indian Central Association, and Korean Society of New Zealand.

I invite all those born outside New Zealand, or have a parent who is born overseas, to join Cultural Connection Research Panel.

Easy admission

It only takes 10 minutes to join; that is easy, through any device with internet connection. After that, we will send you monthly survey which will only take less than three minutes to complete. Not only will you be contributing to a good cause, you will also go into a monthly prize draw.

I aim to contribute $50,000 in 2017 to multicultural community groups and double that amount in 2018.

I also offer pro bono services such as free translation for migrant business shop signage and monthly coaching for new migrants under the age of 30.

Further information can be obtained from Eric Chuah on 0279737181.

Email: eric@culturalconnections.co.nz; www.culturalconnections.co.nz


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