Enterprise and enthusiasm serves the recipe for success

Venkat Raman

While fortitude and vision are essential ingredients for individual and institutional progress, enterprise and enthusiasm are equally important for the success of a commercial venture.

Those have been among the finest attributes of Saravanaa Bhavan, the most successful Indian chain of Vegetarian Restaurants that have been satiating the palate of an ever-increasing number of diners throughout the world.

Known as HSB (Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan), this brand inspires confidence among prospective businesses and startups and its progress and expansion have become a global phenomenon, providing the fillip to try and succeed.

Important Landmark

The opening of the first Saravanaa Bhavan branch in Auckland (at 51E Hobson Street in the Central Business District) on April 2, 2019 will be an important landmark for the company and quench the thirst of our largest City to offer an exquisite range of high quality Indian Vegetarian cuisine.

Among the Partners of Saravanaa Bhavan Australia & New Zealand are Sydney-based Shekar Mani and P R Shivakumaar and Sudhir Shete (from Chennai).

The brand prides itself of highly trained, professional chefs who share the owners’ commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence.

“Saravanaa Bhavan is about the synergy between the spices, aromas and variety of South Indian Cuisine. Every employee has the benefit of training and mentoring by our Chefs in Chennai and therefore the taste remains the same at all our restaurants across the Continents. We are excited about establishing our presence in New Zealand,” Mr Mani said.

The Beginnings

The origins of Saravanaa Bhavan go back to 1968 when P Rajagopal, a man with vision and mission opened a small grocery shop in Chennai. His son P R Shivakumaar shared that entrepreneurial ambition and his graduation with a diploma in Hotel Management from Switzerland provided the qualification and competence.

Described as a ‘Man with a simple idea driven by a lot of passion,’ ‘Annachi’ (revered brother) as he is affectionally addressed by friends and employees, Mr Rajagopal believed that ‘only a few things bring about a smile of satisfaction upon people, like a good hearty meal.’

He is credited with having spearheaded the introduction of the authentic South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant from his native land to the global audience.

He opened the first Saravanaa Bhavan restaurant in partnership with his brother Saravanan in 1981 in Chennai. In many ways, it was a pioneering entity.

The Millennium Baby

The destinies of Mr Shivakumaar and HSB are interlinked and for almost forty years, each has complimented the other in providing unmatched high quality of tasty South Indian Vegetarian food to customers on the Planet.

Nineteen years after its impressive performance, the first overseas branch opened its doors in Dubai in 1981. This ‘Millennium Baby’ became the symbol of the HSB portfolio, to be spread across the Continents with quickening pace.

As people became repeat customers, new clients joined, triggering the wheels of progress, taking Saravanaa Bhavan to new locations in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Canada and America.

Mr Shivakumaar said that Quality and Service are the magical mantras of Saravanaa Bhavan.

“The secret of success of this globe-trotting restaurateur is ‘Work is Worship.’ It was the patronage of our customers, combined with innovative spirit and the urge to reach across to discerning diners everywhere that have instrumental in our growth,” he said.

Setting a pleasant working environment, he has motivated employees to be dedicated to keep up the standards of the business in the most amicable manner.

Self-confidence, strong interpersonal skills, responsibility and responsiveness to partners, staff and customers and clarity and compliance to rules and regulations in every country of presence have the hallmarks of success of the enterprise and that of Mr Shivakumaar.

About Indian food

Indian food is different to that of the rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages.

Just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilisations, which have contributed their share in its overall development and the present form.

Indian food is known for its spiciness. While spices are used widely, each of them carries medicinal and nutritional value. For instance, inclusion of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients resulting in combination of taste that have no parallel.

Awards and Citations

Mr Shivakumaar is a recipient of many awards and citations. Among them are the ‘Best Restauranteur of the Year’ (South India Edition), ‘Individual Certificates of Appreciation’ from many provinces in Canada for contributing to the progress of the Canadian economy and many others.

New Branches

As well as Auckland, new branches of Saravanaa Bhavan are being opened in Rome (Italy), Blanchardstown (Ireland), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), North Sydney and Werribee in Victoria (Australia).


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