Exam Dumps complement your preparation for Microsoft AZ-104 Test

Here is how you can get required knowledge

Henry Lestor
Tortola, September 9, 2020

Azure Administration can be a bit confusing for the IT professionals.

That is why the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certificate was developed to impart the skills required to manage their organisation’s Cloud infrastructure. ExamCollection

It verifies the candidates’ ability to implement, manage, and monitor the Azure environment.

As an Azure Administrator, you are required to perform duties, such as implementation, management, and monitoring. You also need to know what to do with storage, Cloud identity, and virtual networks.

Talking about the prerequisites, the elements, such as Azure workloads, Azure services, and governance, may require more training alongside mandatory six months of experience.

Microsoft AZ-104 exam: key details

To get the credential, you only need to pass one exam, which is Microsoft AZ-104.

It is intended for the Azure Administrators and verifies their skills Author: JAYDEN M so that they can perform the tasks they require. The test evaluates their knowledge and skills in a variety of topics, including (a) Identities and governance (b) Storage (c) Compute resources (d) Virtual networking (e) Azure resources and their backup.

All these sections jointly contribute the questions asked in the test. They do not have the equal weight on the questions expected. Some of them have more questions than others. For instance, the Management and Configuration of Virtual Networking domain has the highest amount of questions because Pass4sure >> it covers more of the content, which is about 30-35%.

Management and Deployment of Azure Compute Resources is another big topic to learn, it has 25-30%. The Management of Azure Governance and Identities objective occupies about 15-20%, while Management and Implementation of Storage along with Monitoring and Backup of Azure Resources each has 10-15% of the whole exam content.

During your preparation, it is paramount that you set aside more time for the most detailed sections. That allows you to cover the wide content as it tends to be immense.

However, that does not mean you can ignore other sections. Author: ALBIE U

Even if you got all the questions correct in two big sections, you will still not be able to get the passing score.

Microsoft AZ-104 exam: preparation phase

Microsoft helps you pass its exams by providing you with a detailed preparation guide and other materials. Here is a look at some of the ways that you can use to prepare:

  1. Enroll for an online training

There are several online platforms that offer Microsoft AZ-104 training. A simple Google search can reveal most of them. Make sure that you review each training site’s content before purchasing a course.

  1. Use training books

The busy students can get the Microsoft AZ-104 e-Book from the reputable publishers. Its importance is that they can always read it every few minutes they get. Shop This >>

For instance, you can decide to use a few minutes of your lunch break to read the book rather than just hanging around to waste time.

  1. Visit study communities

Identify various Microsoft online study communities and join them.

Even though these forums may not have structured learning, they can provide you with very useful information and lead you to the right path.

  1. Take practice tests

Just studying is not enough. You need to take some practice tests to get an idea of what Microsoft AZ-104 looks like. Exam dumps can also help you with that.


Deciding to pursue a career as an Author: CONNOR S Microsoft Azure Administrator is a smart move considering the widespread reputation of this company. Take the Microsoft AZ-104 exam and you will be able to prove your skills in this sector.

Henry Lester (DBA Rapidas Group, Iseeq Limited) lives in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.


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